ZYX Foundation
goals and utilities

The main ZYX Foundation strategic goals are:
  1. 1To promote and support ZYX environment development in accordance with pronounced vision and strategy
  2. 2To conduct and contribute educational and training programs allowing users to master distributed and digital technologies
  3. 3To support promising developments and innovative technologies in the blockchain and related areas
  4. 4To promote blockchain and crypto adoption and integration of crypto and fiat economies.
How ZYX Foundation may help you:
  • Provide grants Provided feedback about ZYX status and direction of development
  • Facilitated collaborations with other teams and individuals
  • Found mentors and advisors
  • Connected projects and community members in the same geographical area
  • Facilitated project participation in events (hackathons, conferences, etc.) to meet the community, showcase work, and get feedback
  • Provided introduction to other funding programs
  • Community events organization

ZYX Foundation governance

Speaking about the organization, we should note two sides of the issue. On the one hand there are employees and units that are involved in the current operational activities of the Foundation. It provide legality, timeliness, financial control and etc.
On the other hand, special committees have been organized that tasks are to select and evaluate projects that need to be supported. This assessment is comprehensive (technical, business, marketing prospects, etc.).

Foundation Council'
Council is the highest authority for strategic management. Council gathers for periodic meetings, the agenda of which is in particular importance. The Foundation Council appoints and constitutes itself. Council also decides on the allocation of huge grants (grants whose funds amount exceed an established limit) and other support measures for premium-importance ideas and projects.'
Executive Department'
Executive Department is responsible and carries out Foundation operational management. Works closely with the financial control and management department. Executive Department in most cases decides confirm or refuse grant allocation. Head of Executive Department necessarily included in the Council.'
Technical audit department'
The technical department evaluates applicants in the direction of technical innovation and potential. It also develops lists of priority development areas in terms of technologies that need to be in special attention. Head of Technical Department necessarily included in the Council.'

Firstly, you must be aware what ZYX Foundation grant is. Grand is an expression of particular attention to developers of ZYX ecosystem-critical projects. Implementation of such projects may impact an explosive growth but mostly we mean there early-stage companies. That is why it is especially important for such companies to be supported with funds, mentorship, advice, limited knowledge, recourses, infrastructure, promotion and other. Should be noted that ZYX Foundation grant is not necessarily in the funding form. We can provide assistance in other forms that is considered more acceptable for a specific project in single situation.

ZYX Grants

Who can be an applicant?

No distinction is made when choosing applicants in terms of the project stage, geography, company size, etc. But we can’t say that everyone can participate. Everyone understands that before resource allocation is accepted we must provide due diligence measures in a proper way.

Interested in areas:

  • Network security.
  • Research (e.g. cryptography, privacy, proof systems etc)
  • Protocol improvements

What ideas and projects are you interested in?

Key fields

  1. 1Educational grants. Activities related to blockchain education programs, technology training, improving technical literacy and knowledge about blockchain.
  2. 2Core development grants. Technical direction grants focused on the correction and optimization of the architecture and code of the ZYX blockchain itself. The main task is to raise performance and functionality.
  3. 3Ecosystem (applicational) grants. Dapps and apps grants allowing increasing the number of use cases and expanding the ecosystem. Focused on projects that expand applicability of ZYX.

How to begin?

First of all, we need to understand the basic things about you. Who are you, where are you from, what is your team, what is your idea, how much are you ready to share and learn, etc. To do this, you need to fill out the Primary applicant form. Primary stage goal is to realize how we can help you, what kind of help you need, and how deep and wide you aware your idea and its achievement steps.
ZYX Foundation site constantly publishes lists of directions in the development of which we are particularly interested. But it does not mean that we do not pay attention to ideas and projects that are not related to this list.
Applications (Primary applicant form) for participation must be submitted in application period by rounds. Terms, rules, dates are published on the site. But in some cases for highly-importance projects exceptional procedure may be permitted. However, selection and evaluation are carried out in the same extent and with the same requirements. Such projects does not receive any advantages.

How to receive grant?

  1. 1After application period is over we collect all applications and evaluate it. It must meet ZYX grant requirements. Approved applications are admitted to the next stage
  2. 2Guides are assigned to participants with approved applications. Now, applicants must describe their project in detail so that the necessary audit information is provided. All Interactions are carried out through the project guide. After a project is evaluated by departments (Technical audit, Business audit, PR audit).
  3. 3Applications that receive positive score undergo a due diligence process before final decision.
  4. 4The final decision on the recipients of the grant is made by Foundation Council. Further, the representative of the Executive department contacts winners and determines the further order of interaction.

During the selection, we may need additional communication with project team in the  form of

interviews, presentations, answers to questions etc.