What is ZYX?

  • ZYX is a cryptocurrency provided payment function in a fast-growing ecosystem. The main strategic success factor for ZYX is its bet on the growing scaling and balancing of money supply and demand.
  • The ZYX architecture is based on the Lisk core and retains all its advantages, such as focus on Dapps developers, the presence of sidechains to ensure the security of the main ledger and the consensus algorithm based on POS. At the same time, significant changes were made to the ZYX consensus algorithm that is an upgraded POS with a fixed transaction fee.
  • JavaScript implementation due to the relative simplicity of the language provides the opportunity for a wide range of developers to participate, and also allows you to use Web3 js wallet solution.
  • Forging (adding a block to the chain), typical for POS currencies, is rewarded with transaction fees (percentage of the total amount of transactions in the block), no additional payments are provided. At the same time, the chance of adding a block linearly depends on the size of the wallet asset, that is, the current ZYX stack.
  • Post mining is available for any activated wallet, which is called the leading one and has a two-factor nature. The amount of payments depends on the balance on the leading wallet and support wallets (wallets that were activated by the transaction from the leading wallet). Payout rate does not change over time.

ZYX Core

ZYX Cash is implemented on the Lisk blockchain. The main advantage is the focus on developers. Unlike Ethereum or other blockchains that use highly specialized programming languages to create decentralized applications and launch smart contracts (for example, Solidity), to perform these tasks in Lisk, you need to know common and simpler JavaScript.

The main feature is use of sidechain technology to run applications and independent blockchains within the same platform. The created sidechains practically do not affect the size of the main network.


  1. 1Probability of adding a new block depend on the number of ZYX
  2. 2Coin age does not affect an amount of reward for block adding
  3. 3Forging balance is user-accessible coins: static on the wallet for a certain period of time: coins were not involved in transactions (including unconfirmed ones).
  4. 4Commission fee is 0.5% of the amount of transactions and fixed. Participant adding the block is paid 0.5% of the total amount of all transactions included in current block.
  5. 5No other forging payments

ZYX Environment

Strategic goal is a rapid ecosystem growth.
  • Private projects
  • Individual users
  • Developers and creators of projects and applications
  • Funding and investment providers (VC, angels — investors, accelerators, incubators)
  • Public and state agents
  • Associations, unions and associations
  • Other
  • Demand for ZYX grow due to: Integration of partners
  • Dapps and Apps development (network expansion services)